WaterSmart augments any AMI deployment by surfacing intelligence hidden in your AMI meter data to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. We are ideal for staged AMI deployments because we give your customers a unified digital experience across all your meter types.

Customer Benefits

Usage Information

Help customers track and better understand where water is used

  • View hourly and daily usage
  • Highlight accurate household disaggregation detail (i.e. showers, toilets, sinks, etc.)


Leak Alerts & Resolution

Allow customers to detect and resolve leaks on their own

  • Real-time leak alerts
  • Self-service leak resolution workflows
  • Meet customers where they are (print, email, mobile, SMS, voice)
  • threshold_notifications

    Bill forecast Notifications

    Prevent high bill surprises

  • Actual and forecast bill thresholds
  • Personalized Bill Explainer wizard to reduce calls
  • Opt-in and customer-configurable
  • irrigation

    Utility Benefits

    Irrigation Detection

    Detect and notify irrigation violators

  • Likely irrigation violators report
  • Advanced irrigation detection algorithm
  • meter_health

    Meter Health

    Centrally monitor meter issues and identify apparent losses

  • Track missed reads, zero reads, leaks, and faulty meters
  • Event reporting
  • meter_agnostic


    We work with all major meter vendors

    Including: Aclara, Badger, Master Meter, Mueller, Neptune, Sensus, and others

    WaterSmart Software
    City of Cotati, CA
    The WaterSmart messaging platform, paired with our AMI meter system, is a great marriage of information technology that we use to get on top of issues early and stay on them.