always-onWebinar Q&A

Q: Where can I get the recorded webinar and slides?
A (WaterSmart): The recording and slides can be downloaded at

Q: Where can I get more information about group messenger?
A (WaterSmart): You can go to For more details please schedule a personalized demo with one of our experts by emailing

Q: When is it best to use email messages versus other mediums?
A (Bojinka & Emily): Overall, email messages are an important addition to any communication mix. Almost everyone uses email so it’s important for utilities to adopt this communication and begin sending out targeted email messages. Additionally, email is the best medium for communicating about timely issues. For messages that require a quick response, email is ideal because customers can easily click on follow up links embedded in the email.

Q: How do you make sure you don’t fatigue your customers with too many messages? Is there a right number?
A (Bojinka): In order to get people to take action, you typically need to message people 6 times through multiple channels of communication.

Q: How is customer data protected?
A (Emily): The list below highlights how WaterSmart protects utility customer data:

  • With WaterSmart, your data is securely hosted in US based data-centers with “bank level” security. We use Rackspace and AWS cloud services.
  • Application servers are protected by state-of-the-art building access controls, video surveillance, and 24×7 on-site security
  • Rackspace’s facilities and security procedures are regularly subject to independent 3rd party reviews
  • Your data is backed up daily
  • WaterSmart supports SSL encryption and uses best-practices password cipher policies
  • We do not share any of your customers’ personally identifiable information with anyone without your prior consent
  • Each of our utility customer’s data is hosted separately, to eliminate the instance of data corruption
  • We do not outsource our development work or data storage. All development is done and your data is warehoused in the United States.
  • While security technology is key, a lesser-known fact is that security issues often come from personnel. Thus, WaterSmart puts in place rigorous background checks for employees

Q: What has been WaterSmart’s largest deployment?
A (Emily): Los Angeles Water and Power is WaterSmart’s largest overall utility partner with more than 650,000 connections. As of August 2016, Santa Margarita Water District has sent out the most messages (13,000) to its customers using Group Messenger.

Q: How is WaterSmart’s Utility Analytics Dashboard data refreshed realtime, via MultiSpeak, daily dump etc?
A (Emily): WaterSmart receives automated data feeds via FTP at whatever interval suits the utility partner. Most of our partners send us data at least once a day; some send it weekly or monthly. Receiving data more frequently allows WaterSmart to provide more timely leak and high use alerts.

Q: Where does WaterSmart get its data to create Group Messenger lists?
A (Emily): WaterSmart gets consumption and billing information from the utility and combines that information with external data sources to generate our analytics and insights. We integrate data from several sources:

  • Usage, billing, customer account and program participation information from the utility partner
  • Property and weather data from publically available sources such as your local county assessors office and NOAA
  • Customer profile, fixture data, email addresses and phone numbers, from customer surveys and the Customer Portal
  • Leak and High Use Indicators and other predictive metrics from our own proprietary algorithms

Q: Can Group Messenger work in Spanish?
A (Emily): Yes, Group Messenger can send messages in Spanish.

Q: Where can I get more information about the speakers?
A (WaterSmart): Please feel free to reach out to the speakers at the following contact information: