The Bridge to AMI

WaterSmart communicates the end-user benefits of smart water meters in advance of an AMI deployment. Our meter-agnostic platform helps pave the way for investments needed to improve water system resiliency for suppliers, residents, and the entire community.

phase 1

Analyze non-ami data

Many of the common benefits that are touted by AMI vendors are now available to non-AMI utilities. By combining multiple data sources with modern analytics technologies, utilities and end-users can glean many useful insights into water use patterns.

phase 2

Target customers

Analysis of customer data allows for detailed segmentation of various groups and classes. This creates the opportunity for targeted outbound engagement programs that are highly cost-effective, yield operational savings, and help gain support for smart meter investments.


phase 3

Communicate personalized information

Deploying customized, direct customer communications on water use, savings opportunities, high volume leaks, and rebate and incentive programs has been demonstrated to increase engagement levels and improve customer satisfaction.

phase 4

Implement AMI

AMI investments reduce data collection costs and provide for real-time leak detection, consumption threshold alerts, and other valuable consumer benefits. Having already established a stronger partnership with ratepayers will pay dividends at this stage.

phase 5

Deliver value

As AMI meters are deployed, interval data can be immediately made available to customers via mobile and web interfaces. This allows for a staged deployment that provides real-time water use information, leak alerts, and highly accurate household water use disaggregation detail to consumers.


Download our fact sheet on the Bridge to AMI