Customer Success Team

Each WaterSmart utility is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager to manage the project from the onboarding process through the lifetime of the program. WaterSmart staff go above and beyond what is required to ensure satisfaction, as the Customer Success Manager is not only the direct contact at WaterSmart Software but is also an advocate within the WaterSmart team. The Customer Success team also works together so there is always someone available to tend to the needs of the Utility in the event that the designated manager is not available.  WaterSmart prides ourselves on understanding our utility partners’ goals and challenges, and maintaining a relationship with customers that is positive, helpful and friendly.

WaterSmart Software
City of Cotati, CA
No other software service that we have has this level of support and interaction. It’s nice that WaterSmart is so open to working collaboratively.

Customer Support Tools

WaterSmart additionally provides a number of tools to assist utility staff looking to understand and maximize their WaterSmart experience:

  • The WaterSmart Support Site can be accessed 24/7 through the WaterSmart Utility Analytics Dashboard, and offers utilities responses to Frequently Asked Questions as well as common troubleshooting topics, how-to videos, customer support oriented content, as well as detailed product documentation.
  • The detailed, comprehensive “Help” feature within the Utility Analytics Dashboard provides context-sensitive information to support customer service representatives and utility staff on many topics including but not limited to Customer Support, Customer Outreach, Data Analytics, Program Monitoring, Product Updates and much more.
  • Live Chat allows utility staff to ask questions and receive a response within the hour. The WaterSmart Customer Success team monitors this chat and is available 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays
  • Product Webinars are hosted to provide the latest WaterSmart news including major product releases, case studies, and a forum to interact with other customers.

What happens without good support?

WaterSmart shares our experience learning just how important customer support can be when selecting a software provider in this blog