Data Science

We are dedicated to the science of data analysis. We relentlessly obsess about data quality and accuracy.

verified program results

program result reports

With a WaterSmart program, you receive calculations and reporting of monthly water saved using fixed-effects econometric analysis. We generate these reports through a scientific methodology which uses statistically significant treatment and control groups. These performance reports are updated every 3 months.



We apply usage-based algorithms and detailed customer surveys to disaggregate each residence’s water consumption by end use, allowing for highly customized savings plans based on the specific consumption patterns of each individual household. Reports also include customized occupant calculations with property lot sizes and other exogenous data sources, to ensure optimal comparison groups when generating WaterScores.

algorithm improvement


In an effort towards continuous improvement, we dynamically recalculate algorithmic treatment group profile comparisons based on our growing source data-set.  The ability to collect increasingly large amounts of water consumption data, along with self-reported household profile data from our existing customers, yields increasingly accurate disaggregation consumption estimates.  This further improves the value of savings recommendations and total improvements in water-use efficiency.

So here’s the big picture.
We uniquely combine data regarding water consumption, program participation, real-estate, and climate to create a customized customer profile. We then recommend only the most relevant and effective water-saving strategies.