WaterSmart supports water utilities in rapidly addressing drought conditions through personalized customer engagement solutions.

benefit 1

Educate residents on need for conservation


WaterSmart Water Reports offer customized message delivery over mobile, email, and print and can be tailored to the specific reduction targets or irrigation schedules instituted by your utility.


benefit 2

Reduce water use by an average of 5%


communicating goals

Individual household reduction goals are dynamically calculated and then delivered to residents through easy-to-understand visual communications.

Tracking and reporting compliance

The WaterSmart Utility Analytics Dashboard provides a special drought module which provides charts on overall conservation trends as well as detailed household performance reports and visibility into which customer segments are complying with reduction goals.

benefit 3

Detect and alert residents to possible leaks

ami & non-ami leak detection

WaterSmart subscription reports are sent directly to your inbox which detail likely leaks due to persistent increase in consumption, regardless of consumption read frequency. We rank leaks by severity and also offer a simple view of resolved and outstanding leaks.

LEAK resolution

The WaterSmart platform delivers irregular water-use alerts directly to homeowners over SMS or email. This provides for faster leak resolution, reduced water loss, improved property protection, and better customer relations.


benefit 4

Detect and notify irrigation violators


irrigation analytics

For water suppliers with AMI, WaterSmart can detect irrigation patterns from interval consumption data and deliver a report of likely violators, thus improving compliance and reducing enforcement costs.

violation reports

Both AMI and non-AMI water suppliers are offered reports on possible compliance violations on the part of residential customers. Irrigation violation reports allow utilities to target specific customer segments with compliance messaging before resorting to more stringent penalties.

WaterSmart Software
City of Roseville, CA
The WaterSmart drought dashboard gives us great visibility into our conservation performance and which customers to target with additional messaging on ways to save.
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