David is WaterSmart’s star Customer Support Associate who has been working at WaterSmart since July 2018. Since then, he has been manning the front lines of customer support, delighting all of our utility partners with real time assistance.

Back in 2015 David made the gutsy decision to pack his things up and move to sunny California from Connecticut somewhat on a whim. He dove right in to the start-up world and held jobs in project management and customer support at a handful of companies. Nothing quite felt right until he entered the door at 20 California Street. “I knew right away that this position with WaterSmart was the perfect match for my skill set and interests. I was then further convinced when my first day happened to coincide with WaterSmart’s annual ‘Day at the Ballpark’. Getting to attend a Giant’s game and get to know my coworkers in a personal and casual environment could not have been more ideal.”

Now, David manages the average 35 weekly customer conversations that come in through our Utility Dashboard chat feature. Utility staff are encouraged to use this chat feature to ask questions when they are seeking a more high-level response or are struggling with a customer’s data. “Working with our utility partners on a daily basis has been awesome. Helping to guide utilities to solutions for their problems is very rewarding especially when you’re able to get through a particularly tough issue and provide them with an ‘aha’ moment,” remarks David.

What’s the most common inquiry our customer support team faces? Our most common questions deal with leaks and understanding the logic behind why a customer did or did not receive and alert and why the consumption data may look a certain way. “These conversations have led to important bug fixes and a new perspective on how we can better assist our utility partners in investigating their data,” says David. The conversations we have with utility partners support WaterSmart’s dedication to continually iterate and improve upon our solutions.

Outside of solving customer problems, David is a sports fanatic. He proudly supports his alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he spent his time on the competitive dive team. Now, you can find David cheering on the Tar Heels in any sport. He is also well known amongst his colleagues for being an exercise junky, often putting others to shame in the gym.

Favorite type of music?

“90’s hip-hop!”

Favorite sport?

“Surprisingly, its football not diving!.”

Any hidden talents?

“I’ve got some skills at throwing ceramics on the wheel. I particularly love it for the calming and meditative effect it has.”

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