Michelle Camp is a Regional Sales Director for WaterSmart and works with water utilities all the way from Texas to Minnesota. Her favorite part of the job is sitting down with water utility managers to understand their challenges and goals, and then work with them to develop programs that deliver measurable outcomes. When reflecting on the her 3+ years with WaterSmart, Michelle says “I’m so proud of how far the company has come in terms of developing a robust software platform, establishing key partnerships, and supporting over 100 water utility partners in meeting their goals!”
“Growing up in drought-stricken Central Texas, I came to understand the importance of sustainable water management, which is why I went on to study it in graduate school.” It was there that she first heard of WaterSmart, as the company’s founder, Peter Yolles had graduated from the same program and was shaking things up on the West Coast. Michelle was intrigued by WaterSmart’s advancement of behavioral efficiency to address water scarcity and sought to bring the technology to Texas to help local providers secure their water futures. “Since then, we have come to serve 16 water utilities in the state, and have created a comprehensive solution that helps utilities do much more than just saving water.” Michelle is excited to expand her focus to other states in the Midwest and parts of the Rust Belt.

“I love that even after three years with the company, I’m still challenged to learn new things,” remarks Michelle. This is because the market and the WaterSmart platform continue to evolve, and with these changes come new partnerships and exciting possibilities.
Michelle also enjoys taking the conversation about water beyond Texas and beyond conservation. Now, she may be sitting down with a water utility manager near the Texas Gulf Coast or the shores of Lake Superior. While their specific water concerns may differ, all utilities are seeking to protect their water resources, and WaterSmart stands ready to help them!

What is your dream vacation destination?

I’ve always wanted to go to Thailand and explore their beaches, culture, food, and history.


“Our 2017-18 holiday party – we had a very competitive arcade basketball tournament and I got the high score of 85 shots! Unfortunately, my lead was short-lived as other WaterSmartians began to reveal their hidden talents!”


“I love attending major tennis grand slams and have been to all (Wimbledon, French Open, US Open) except the Australian Open. I did get as close as the outside of the arena in Melbourne, but it was during the off-season. It’s on my bucket list!”

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