Vi is a Software Engineer on WaterSmart’s data services team who has been working at WaterSmart since July 2017. Since then, she has helped to onboard over 20 utility partners and get their WaterSmart programs launched.
Vi is responsible for onboarding WaterSmart’s newest customers and managing data quality. Prior to joining the WaterSmart team, Vi began her career researching neurotransmitter modulation in decapod crustaceans, and writing award-winning poetry. She went on to become the second most popular English-speaking television emcee in Vietnam, where she covered international events and served as the producer and host of several food and culture shows. “After all that, some people might find my current role a bit tame however, the water utilities we work with always seem to keep me on my toes!” remarks Vi. 
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On her return to the US, Vi spent four years as a data analyst and consultant, developing a particular interest in digital ad fraud detection, before embarking on her engineering career. “I love getting to know our clients and learning about the particular issues and pain points that they deal with — it’s a great feeling to know that I’m relieving someone of the mundane parts of their jobs and freeing them up to concentrate on more interesting things!”
Outside of software engineering, Vi is a true lover of food. In particular, Vi loves experimental breakfast porridges. “One time a cook came out from the kitchen to make sure I had actually ordered oatmeal with a poached egg, scallions, mushrooms, and kimchee.” Vi is also notorious throughout the WaterSmart office for her delicious shortbread cookies she whips up on the weekends.

Favorite Book?

“My favorite book is The Namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri. I go back to this one a lot, to sort of mark the passage of time, because as I get older I relate to it in different ways. A hallmark of all good books, really!”

Dream dinner guest alive or dead?

“I may actually find her insufferable in person, but Joan Didion.”

FAVORITE Thing about watersmart?

“I really appreciate the everyday camaraderie that we have. I genuinely enjoy the company of everyone on my team and it’s one of the the best things about WaterSmart. Not everyone can say that they look forward to going into work.”

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