Easy-to-understand, multi-channel water quality communications

communicate water quality investments

WaterSmart eQuality helps explain ongoing efforts to ensure public health.
  • Multi-channel communication capabilities over web, mobile, text, voice, and print
  • Detail historic and ongoing investments in water treatment infrastructure
  • Deliver periodic or event driven messages on water quality issues that matter
  • Provide access to testing kits and other community health tools

build community trust

Proactive and transparent communication engenders greater confidence.
  • Communicate regular testing results aside from annual report obligations
  • Acknowledge contaminants for credibility enhancement
  • Raise awareness of Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) availability
  • Demonstrate commitment to social equity

reach disadvantaged communities

Advanced segmentation tools with integrated demographic data improves digital targeting.

  • Connect with difficult to reach customers
  • Promote commitment to disadvantaged communities
  • Deliver money saving recommendations to further aid at risk customers
  • Build community support for ongoing quality investments
Quality communications for you and your customers
Reach disadvantaged communities
Contaminant explanations
CCR access
Testing alerts
Greater social equity
Build community trust

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