CTWEN Symposium

February 11, 2015
St. Vincent de Paul Auditorium, Seton Administrative Offices
1345 Philomena St.
Austin, TX 78723
WaterSmart Involvement: Attending The Central Texas Water Efficiency Network (CTWEN) is a coalition of municipalities, water providers and water conservation advocates in the Central Texas region. The purpose of the organization is to openly and actively share information and promote water efficiency education, legislation, programs, technologies, and all other integral components of water conservation in order to regionally have an impact on water supplies and use. The CTWEN meet on a regular basis throughout the year. Highlights of the symposium include
  • Designing successful demand management programs: one large wholesaler’s experience.
  • Developing regional and local strategies and guidelines for drought tolerant landscapes
  • Advancing innovative approaches to efficient water use at a large commercial facility
  • Connecting water and energy consumption to promote water conservation programs
  • Using social media and innovative software to engage customers as allies in water conservation