WaterSide Chat: The Digital Water Utility

September 19, 2017
11:00 am - 12:00 pm PST


SaaS Business Development Manager,
GE Water & Process Technologies


Product Marketing Manager,
Neptune Technology Group

Water utilities face a variety of challenges including variable water supply, population growth, and looming infrastructure investments. New sensor technologies generating vast amounts of data are changing how water utilities can and will operate. This WaterSide Chat features two experts whose contributions have led numerous utilities through successful digital evolutions.

Steve Davis provides strategic direction and program management for GE Water & Process Technologies' digital water initiative, and the innovation and growth for its SaaS Platform. Steve will discuss how he empowers utilities with digital technologies to optimize their production processes. 

Andy Moore has served the water and wastewater utility industries with a focus on project management and utility management solutions for 30 years. Andy will share how his work with Neptune Technology Group maximizes the efficiency of utilities' distribution networks. 

We hope you can join the conversation on Tuesday, September 19th.