WaterSide Chat: The ROI of Digital Transformations

December 18, 2018
11:00 am - 12:00 pm PST


Digital Specialist,
Karmous-Edwards Consulting


Customer Service Systems Manager,
Village of Lombard, IL

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The global water sector is beginning to embrace a digital transformation. This consists of the adoption of technologies including smart meters, remote sensing, asset management, digital customer engagement, predictive analytics, and machine learning. This WaterSide Chat will focus around the return on investment that can be gained from embracing such a transformation. Scott Gargano will join to share his unique perspective as a utility Customer Service Systems Manager with a background in IT. Scott will discuss how he thinks about approaching a digital transformation and the metrics he tracks to measure success. He has been with Lombard for 3 months and is overseeing Customer Service, Water Billing and the village’s automation projects. Scott has been in various IT and Customer Service roles in his career. The Village of Lombard brought Scott on to help integrate systems, streamline processes and to be the “Unique Geek” the village has long desired. In Scott’s free time he enjoys puzzles and playing video games with his sons. Gigi Karmous-Edwards is an industry expert when it comes to the digital transformation of water utilities. Gigi will provide an overview of emerging technologies available to assist utilities in solving global challenges and the value and impact of their adoption. She has built a 30-year career by utilizing science and engineering to solve global issues as an advisor, academic researcher, software and hardware developer, and entrepreneur. With her own company Karmous-Edwards Consulting, Gigi provides business advisory to water utilities regarding digital transformation, digital strategy, growth strategy, technology partnerships, and marketing analysis.