Unlock the power of Global Information System (GIS) data

Utilize GIS data to generate geographically accurate lists. Report on water loss, communicate with customer segments, and prepare for AMI deployments.
Key Features
    • Easy to use file upload tool
    • Supports multiple shape file formats (.zip, .json, .geojson, .kml.)
    • Generate custom account lists from shape files
    • Analyze consumption by GIS region
    • Seamlessly integrates with Group Messenger

water budget

water balance by pressure zone

Use GIS pressure zone shape files to generate account lists for consumption analysis. Compare with pressure zone production data for water loss balance reporting and distribution leak detection in an easy to use analytics process. Perform district meter area analysis to help prioritize maintenance schedules.

Outage Communications

outage notification

Communicate with customers on planned service outages by uploading shape files for list generation and Group Messenger delivery to end-users. Leverage standard email and text messaging templates with dynamic replacement variables to notify customers without the need for costly and time consuming door hangers.


AMI installation schedule communications

Communicate with customers about AMI meter installations by service route. Upload GIS shape files to List Builder and then use Group Messenger to easily send and track messages. This Bridge-to-AMI helps avoid customer support calls about meter technology, changes to bills, and risks to public health.

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