Personalized communication with Group Messenger

Ditch the shotgun approach to customer communication. Deliver targeted, personalized messages, and get more time to focus on what really matters.

WaterSmart Software
Santa Margarita Water District, CA
Group Messenger allows us to analyze and segment customer groups, and easily send mass customized messages from a unified management interface. This approach resonates with our customers and saves us countless hours of effort!


  • Send thousands of messages in a few clicks
  • Select from message templates or create your own
  • Generate segmented contact lists quickly and easily
  • Draw a polygon shape on a map to select customer accounts


  • No limits on number of messages and contacts—everything is included
  • Keep all your customer data in one place—no exporting contact lists between systems
  • Include mass personalization to keep messages relevant


  • Track open and click rates
  • Manage customer interactions
  • Gauge response quality

Use Group Messenger for any type of communication

  • Publicize community events
  • Target efficiency appliance rebates 
  • Promote payment assistance programs to low income customers
  • Notify customers in a specific area of scheduled maintenance or outages
  • Remind watering day violators of irrigation schedules (AMI only)
  • Drive customer portal registrations

WaterSmart Software
City of Davis, CA
With Group Messenger, customer data is accessible in one easy-to-use interface so we can easily target the right customers for our Water Quality Testing program while tracking open and click rates

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