The role of a water Meter Data Management System (MDMS) is not well defined within the industry. Many products on the market claim to provide MDM functionality, but few people understand the value of what these systems offer.

Silicon Valley Wants to Solve Our Water Problems

Robin Gilthorpe, chief executive officer of seven-year-old WaterSmart Software Inc., says he now sees “a good steady flow of capital and entrepreneurs into the water sector.” His company, which was Kremen’s first investment, uses data to help water utilities improve their operations.

Defining Total Customer Engagement

By leveraging an omni-channel, multi-modal Total Customer Engagement platform that provides for push and pull data flows, automated and semi-automated messaging capabilities, and self-service resolution workflows, water utilities will be best situated to take advantage of the many benefits that accrue from higher levels of customer engagement, lower customer service costs, and improved customer satisfaction levels.

Council hears energy, water innovations

Based in San Francisco, WaterSmart Software Inc. specializes in water efficiency and data analysis. It’s the communications software that could work in tandem with Ferguson to record, store and interpret all the data from a new radio-signal water-meter system.

How to Educate the Public About the Benefits of AMI

This article provides insights into the many benefits of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) through speaking with AMI hardware and software providers including Jeff Lipton of WaterSmart Software. AMI offers consumers more choices, such as the option to view their water usage in real-time, providing more information to manage consumption, cost, and other decisions about service and usage. AMI also provides higher reliability, more accurate billing, and better quality of water delivery, while keeping the utilities’ water and electricity costs at reasonable levels. These are amongst the many benefits that the manufacturers, developers, and utilities are educating the public with as they introduce these solutions into the market.

11 Smart City Solutions Creating Smarter Cities

As the Internet-of-Things (IoT) revolution continues to connect everything around us, most cities, urban areas, and developed markets are fast becoming smarter and more connected. Water is the next big thing being impacted by this IoT revolution. This article looks at startups innovating in the water industry. WaterSmart Software, a leader in this space, provides advanced intelligence for water utility managers and residential water customers with SaaS visual analytics, reporting, and customer relationship tools.