Working With Customers To Reduce Water Usage During California Drought

This article explores how California’s utilities are encouraging customers to reduce water use and achieve state mandated reduction goals. California American Water implemented an aggressive drought communications plan, partnering with WaterSmart Software, to encourage its customers to reduce water use during the drought by helping them understand how they use water and where they can reduce water use. Read on for the further details of the tactics and results to date.

Water Utility Software Helps ‘Avoid Another Flint Disaster’

WaterSmart Software has launched a suite of communication and segmentation tools to help water utilities better communicate drinking water quality to their customers. WaterSmart eQuality is designed to make drinking water quality easily understandable to all residents, with a focus on building trust with disadvantaged communities that are often most affected by public health issues related to water quality.

World Water Day Brings a Gush of Initiatives and Investments

On the United Nations’ World Water Day on Tuesday, over 150 companies and NGOs announced new initiatives towards enhancing water quality, conservation and management at the White House Water Summit. WaterSmart Software, in attendance, offers data analytics software to inform customers on water usage and potential leaks. Further, WaterSmart Software announced Tuesday that they are adding eQuality software that lets utilities communicate water quality information to customers. Learn more about the initiatives and investments named this week.

Industry Insight: Communicating With Customers

As the Flint, Michigan water crisis continues, the relationship between water utilities and their customers has been thrust into the national spotlight. W&WD Associate Editor Sara Samovalov spoke with Robin Gilthorpe, CEO of WaterSmart, about how utilities can ensure that customers are properly informed and educated about their water.