MCWD Launches New Customer-Service Tool

Mammoth Community Water District (MCWD) customers will now be able to access detailed information about their household, property or business water use through a new customer service tool resulting from a partnership between MCWD and WaterSmart Software.

Modesto Partners with WaterSmart to Engage Residential Customers and Save Money

Modesto announced a new partnership with WaterSmart Software, a pioneer in the use of digital and behavioral sciences to drive efficiencies throughout the water utility industry. As part of the program, residential customers will have access to WaterSmart’s Customer Portal, including personalized information about their water use and how it compares to similar properties, customized water-saving recommendations, and up-to-date news, rebates from the City. Residents can opt-in to receive timely leak alerts through email, voice, and text messages. Residents will be able to set threshold alerts to proactively monitor their water use.

Want to Solve the World’s Energy Problems? Start in Hawaii.

For clean energy startups aiming to solve the future’s energy problems the action’s in Hawaii. A combination of ambitious laws, island economics, and the community-building prowess of a powerful startup accelerator, Energy Excelerator, have turned the island paradise into the hot place for clean tech innovators. This interview features Energy Excelerator’s Dawn Lippert discussing their program and companies they support like WaterSmart Software.

New Access to Data Could Help Shoreview Conserve More Water

Shoreview, MN has partnered with technology company WaterSmart Software giving residents the ability to easily access individualized water consumption reports, receive timely utility communications and water-saving recommendations specific to their household. The partnership will not only help residents lead more sustainable lives, but will also lend data insights to the Public Works Department, which will in turn assist the city in managing its water supply more efficiently.

5 Glimpses of the Future of Water

America’s long complacency about its water supply is being eroded not just by crises like Flint, Michigan’s lead-poisoned pipes, but by a growing realization that, as clean water becomes scarcer, especially in the West, it can’t remain so cheap. Just 2.5 percent of the world’s water is fresh water that is actually available, and pure enough to drink. Right now, water technologists are hard at work on two separate challenges: squeezing more drinkable water from the oceans of water already out there and devising new ways to use — and waste — less of the water we already have. Here’s a sampling of new technologies that promise to change the future of water.

Platform Helps Utilities Earn Customer Trust, Loyalty

WaterSmart Software, a data analytics and customer engagement platform provider to the water industry, recently announced a new product to provide a better way for utilities to communicate with their customers, improving customer trust. WaterSmart eQuality is a suite of communication tools that takes water quality testing data and puts it into terms that water utility customers can easily understand.

Value of Optimizing Data for Water Management: A WaterSmart Approach

On March 22, World Water Day, there was a US Water Summit focused on clean water, energy, and water efficiency. The Planning Report spoke with Robin Gilthorpe, CEO of WaterSmart Software, one of the participating companies. WaterSmart Software seeks to improve water-use and operational efficiency for municipal and investor-owned water utilities globally, optimizing data for water management.

6 Cleantech Startups Making Waves in Hawaii

Energy Excelerator launched in January 2013 with a mission to help startups solve the world’s energy challenges. That mission is now well underway with a third cohort of companies working its way through the Hawaii-based incubator’s program. This article takes a look at six of this year’s cleantech startups — Pono Home, WaterSmart, T-REX, SheerWind, Edisun and Carbon Lighthouse.

Why We Should Stop Calling California’s Water Shortage a Drought

WaterSmart Software’s Robin Gilthorpe participated in the recent Fortune Brainstorm E Conference. The conference was a collaboration of CEOs, senior executives, investors, policy makers, environmentalists, and thought leaders operating at the forefront of the convergence of technology, energy and sustainability. Of note, strategic water management was a key topic given California’s water shortage, which is now being viewed as the new normal as opposed to a drought spell.