WaterSmart Software offers a comprehensive set of customer intelligence solutions to give you better visibility into customer needs and behavior. Our elegant, easy-to-use solutions offer an amazing user experience to drive measurable increases in customer satisfaction.


WaterSmart Software
Irvine Ranch Water District, CA
WaterSmart has changed how we build relationships with our customers. Every water manager in the country will be surprised how easy it is to be so much more effective using WaterSmart.

Send customers targeted, timely messages



Give your customers access to information that help save money, protect property, and stay informed. Segment groups of customers by behavior, location, spend, or other important dimensions. Easily compose, send, and track targeted, personalized messages to select customer groups across the channel and time of their choosing – SMS, email, web, voice, print – it’s up to you. Proactive communications like these are proven to delight customers and drive measurable increases satisfaction levels.



Utility staff are able to access visually insightful tools that engage customers through an easy-to-use interface. Help customers better understand their water usage trends, billing details, and opportunities for savings. With WaterSmart, you can easily view program performance reports to help you quantify the benefits of your engagement and efficiency programs.