data consolidation

Water utilities make substantial investments in data systems that run their operations. Unfortunately these systems often don’t share information, creating data silos that leave various departments without a holistic view of operations or customer behavior. Integrating these disparate data systems is critical to generating actionable insights that can drive down costs and improve operational efficiency.


The WaterSmart engagement platform sits on top of existing operational systems including meter management, customer information, enterprise resource planning, work order management, rebate tracking, SCADA, and others. Leveraging standardized integration protocols, WaterSmart offers bi-directional data exchanges between previously siloed systems which result in vastly improved cross-system data insights.

fast-track onboarding

Rapid solution deployment is critical to demonstrating value to our utility partners. We have designed a comprehensive implementation process to gather the necessary data inputs and quickly launch the WaterSmart platform. This allows our customers and their end-users to immediately see the benefits of our award winning customer self-service platform. We have a 100% launch success rate to back it up!

90-Day Onboarding Milestones
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Data and content survey completion
  • Historical billing and consumption data load
  • Establish ongoing data file scripting and transfer protocol 
  • Approve platform configuration details
  • Comprehensive quality assurance
  • Go Live
  • Easy. Fast. Reliable.

system integration

  • Bi-directional data integration between various utility systems and the WaterSmart platform
  • Aggregated data analysis tools to drive previously invisible insights into customer behavior, water consumption, and system operations
  • Unified business processes and data workflows between siloed, yet commonly used systems
  • Consolidation of user interfaces and reduction in the need for ‘multiple screens’
  • Ongoing interface monitoring to ensure consistent and reliable data exchange
  • Annual system audits to identify integration inefficiencies and plan for future interface changes

Use Cases

digital data capture

Digitally capture customer information for starting new service through the WaterSmart Customer Portal and dynamically route service requests to work order management systems without the need for any manual data entry.

data interoperability

Seamlessly exchange information between the WaterSmart platform and standard utility systems including billing and electronic payment solutions.

non-revenue water reporting & mitigation

Consolidate SCADA water production data and compare with end-user consumption by metering district to support non-revenue water identification and remediation. Integrated water production and consumption data form the basis for water balance reporting to support local and state regulatory requirements.

WaterSmart Software
Fort Kenton WD, MO
The WaterSmart integration and onboarding process was clearly documented and went much faster than we anticipated. The ability to see all our data in a single location has improved the way we operate.

Works with your data

WaterSmart layers on top of your existing IT systems and minimizes IT disruption and staff burden.
data integration diagram

Proven Experience

  • 100+ data integrations completed 
  • Dedicated WaterSmart engineering staff for each deployment
  • Automated and manual data quality checks
  • See how it works >

Technology Agnostic

  • We work with any meter, billing, or CIS system
  • Open source technology platform stack
  • Highly scalable with unlimited data storage 


  • No hardware or software to purchase and maintain
  • Remote access from any web connected device
  • Automatic cloud updates keeps you current with biweekly product releases

Safe and Secure

  • No offshore development or data warehousing
  • SSL encryption
  • Bank-level security
  • PCI compliant

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Transform your Data

Schedule a demo today to find out how we can help drive down costs and improve operational efficiency with cross-system data insights.
WaterSmart Software
Mammoth Community Water District
After a very unsatisfactory experience with a prior vendor, we were so thrilled to have the WaterSmart Customer Portal and Dashboard up and running for our community to use just a few weeks after signing our contract.