Don’t just alert customers to leaks. Help them find and resolve leaks on their own, without calling their utility.

The WaterSmart Difference

  • For AMI and non-AMI utilities
  • The only automated alerting system that helps customers self-resolve leaks
  • Multi-channel notifications via email, text, voice, or print
  • Adaptive leak detection algorithm to reduce false positives
  • Advanced analytics quantify leak volume, savings, customer sentiment, and alert open rates

Reduce Support Calls

The water industry’s only online leak resolution system, with easy, step-by-step instructions and videos to help customers find and resolve leaks on their own. Adaptive leak detection algorithms adjusts to a customer’s individual usage and real-time feedback to reduce false positive notifications.


Reach More Customers

Multi-channel leak alerts (e-mail, text, voice, and print) allow utilities to give all their customers the benefits of these valuable, property protecting communications. Leak detection and resolution is available for AMI and non-AMI meters, and with no registration requirement to access alerts, click-thru and resolution rates are industry leading.


Drive Digital Conversion

Print leak alerts are an effective tool to reach the 67% of utility customers who haven’t provided e-mail information, encourage those customers to register for the Customer Portal, and adopt digital communications channels to reduce communications costs.


Print Leak Alerts

WaterSmart research shows that utilities, on average, lack e-mail for two-thirds of their customers. Print leak alerts give utilities a way to easily reach this large customer segment with property protecting and money saving notifications.

WaterSmart Software
Mammoth Community Water District

I have been spending 30 minutes a day with the leak module and it has been very helpful. The ability to sort by ongoing leaks makes it easier than ever to breeze through the list which makes me and our customers really happy.