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2019 Utility Benchmark Report: Technology Adoption

While dealing with data is not a new discipline for water utilities, the quantity of data that modern, digital utilities are forced to deal with along with the increasing siloization of the information is making deriving actionable insights harder than ever for utility managers. In addition, data is rarely integrated in a meaningful way to make holistic, data-based decisions. Thus the need has arisen for new technology adoption to unlock the value of new data streams across operations, customer support, and finance functions within the utility.

To better understand how utilities are thinking about ‘smart’ technology from Advanced Metering Infrastructure, to meter data management, to customer self-service and engagement, WaterSmart initiated a survey of dozens of water suppliers to learn more about the state of their current technology investments, the challenges they are facing, the reasons for those investments, and, particularly, how they are using modern communication technologies to engage with their customers.