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The Next Generation of Data-Driven Demand Management

Reduce operational costs, increase revenue stability, and lower long-term capital requirements.

Learn how to achieve revenue stability and reduce costs by using next generation data-driven demand management including:

  • How demand management improves financial forecasting accuracy
  • Where leverage exists to engage end-use customers in improved water efficiency
  • The short and long-term financial implications of improved demand control
  • The impact on rates for end-users over time in the face of reduced water consumption


Water utility executives are faced with new realities which require them to reassess the tools they use to support long-term financial decisions. Emergent cloud-based data platforms, specifically designed for the challenges faced by water suppliers represent a new, critical element to improve decision-making. Data insights applied to utility management strategies will help meet the challenges of demand management and revenue control when fully integrated with water supply and infrastructure replacement planning. Utility managers can achieve the sustainability and affordability objectives they desire through the practical application of data analytics.

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Data-Driven Demand management infographic