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New Behavioral Tools for Water Utilities

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4State and municipal regulators are increasingly making efforts to provide strategic planning frameworks to water utilities to help with long-term resource management. At the same time, utilities are constantly looking for new, inexpensive water supply sources and better behavioral tools to engage customers. A new class of behavioral technologies are now available to help both constituents improve water-use efficiency and increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

In this informative WaterSide Chat you will learn from our distinguished panel how behavioral psychology and data analytics are being used to change the relationship between utilities and their customers.

Peter Brostrom leads the Water Use Efficiency Section for the California Department of Water Resources. He is a key player in the development of the urban water-use efficiency section of the newly released California State Water Plan.

Dr. Carrie Armel from the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center at Stanford University is a highly regarded behavioral psychologist who has worked extensively on resource management issues. She is a co-founder of the Behavior, Energy, and Climate Change (BECC) Conference.