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The Future of Water Affordability

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The three main themes the discussion focused on include:

  1. Utility rates will inevitably continue to rise. Transparency is essential in communicating where these costs are being allocated and how customers can gain more control over their usage and bills.
  2. Utilities must be proactive with educating customers on water saving actions, helping them avoid wasted water, and afford their bills.
  3. Strategies for keeping costs and utility rates low can vary across utilities, but always start small and listen to your community. 


Erin Cassey Bonney leads Bluefield’s U.S. municipal water practice and has demonstrated experience across a range of sectors, technology applications, and pressing industry topics, including wastewater management, water reuse– municipal & industrial–  desalination, the cost of water, and infrastructure policy & investment. She has also proven to be valuable resource to the broader industry through conference presentations and board room discussions. Erin has been referenced extensively in trade publications and in major media outlets. Prior to joining Bluefield, Erin worked at Brown Brothers Harriman as a Business Analyst and has international experience with Grameen Research, where she focused on Latin American economies, and tax laws. Erin has a BA from Bates College and a Masters from Oxford University in Water Science Policy & Management.

Chad Cosper joined the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) Conservation Department in May 2012. Prior to joining SAWS, he worked for a public water utility in Portland OR. He is the program manager for the Plumbers to People plumbing assistance program that provides free emergency leak repairs to low-income homeowners as well as the annual irrigation checkup program that works with commercial properties to evaluate and improve the efficiency of their irrigation systems.

Matt Mostoller is the Environmental Manager at the Acton Water District in Acton, MA. He is responsible for water conservation and efficiency programs, customer outreach, managing water quantity & quality, and regulatory compliance.  In addition to these responsibilities, he is actively involved in state and regional water associations.