Winter 2020 Release Note

WaterSmart’s Winter ’20 release is here! Throughout the cold winter months the WaterSmart team has been hard at work developing a suite of solutions heavily focused on supporting utility staff to save precious time. This suite of enhancements empower utility staff with greater access to automation and improved operational efficiency.

Breaking down data siloes
Water utilities make substantial investments in data systems to run their operations. Undoubtedly, your utility likely has multiple systems in place that house relevant and related customer and account level information. Unfortunately these systems often don’t share information, creating data silos that leave various departments without a holistic view of operations or customer behavior. System integrations break down these silos and help teams to work more effectively and efficiently.  Additionally, they often leave the end customer with an elevated overall user experience. The WaterSmart Engagement and Data Analytics platform is now more deeply integrated than ever before with existing operational systems including customer information, payment, and meter data management systems. The steps taken to integrate with these systems have opened a world of possibilities for additional integrations with other vendors and systems.

Keeping things dynamic
Creating and maintaining customer lists has never been easier with the addition of Dynamic Lists! Before, utilities were required to regularly re-visit and manually re-create or update a List to reflect new or removed accounts in a service area. Now, by making a List Dynamic utility staff will use geographic rules to create a List that will automatically update whenever a new data feed is uploaded to WaterSmart. Staff can build out Dynamic Lists and return to them at any time without having to worry whether the accounts included are active and up-to-date, saving staff time and stress!

A template for you!
When we first released Group Messenger, WaterSmart built out a library of our own Templates for Group Messenger to make the process of composing a Group Message as quick and simple as possible. Now, we hope to double-down on that promise by sharing that power with our utility partners to create and save their own Group Message starting points with Custom Group Messenger Templates. Utilities now have ownership of tailor-made templates to meet their unique and most common group messaging needs. Composing Group Messages has never been quicker: simply select a template, define your audience, and send!

Success in crisis
The coronavirus pandemic has created unique communication challenges for water professionals. WaterSmart’s utility partners have been actively using the platform to communicate with customers as things continue to evolve amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. WaterSmart’s utility partners are using Water Report messages, Group Messenger messages, Portal splash pages, and “I want to” links to continually share up to date information and guidance with their communities. Join our Winter Release Webinar to see a sampling of these messages and some general best practices for continuing to engage and build trust in the community during this challenging time.

As we move forward, we are excited about our role in helping our utility partners provide value to their customers, and further improve their overall utility operations. Keep an eye on the horizon for deeper meter-level analytics and expanded alerting functionality. To get a deeper understanding of these new releases, we invite you to join our webinar on April 29th for a detailed overview and live demo!