The Internet Versus The Great California Drought

WaterSmart also sends customers messages on their smartphone if there’s a leak or if they’re allowed to water the garden on a particular day. On average, WaterSmart can cut a utility’s water usage by 5% annually.

A Water Data Startup That Helps To Fight Drought Raises $7M

WaterSmart, a software startup that uses meter data and behavioral science to nudge consumers to conserve water, has raised $7 million in equity, the company said Tuesday.

In The Long Run, The Rest Of The World May Gain From California’s Severe Drought

The product and approach yield results: Yolles observed that a recently conducted independent evaluation of East Bay Municipal Water District found consumers receiving home water reports reduced consumption by an average of 5% within the first year.

Shortages, Leaks Lead More Water Utilities To Consider Smart Meters

From an investor standpoint, that attention is inspiring startups like WaterSmart Software, a small company that works with municipal utilities to help them understand their meter data and manage customer conservation programs.

Drought Fighting Tool: Using Water Data To Change Behavior, Promote Conservation

It turns that people are willing to change their behavior and use less electricity when they are given certain data. The same seems to work for water conservation as well, and the results of East Bay utility district’s pilot study is the latest example of that.

A Startup’s Bid To Use Data To Cut Water Use

Historically, water has been cheap and mostly plentiful to Californians, who use water not only from rivers within the state but also from the Colorado River. But droughts and a growing population have prompted lawmakers to look for ways to use the state’s water supplies more efficiently.