The future of digital water technology is here

Earlier this year I made the case that digital water technology adoption would provide real-time water data (quantity and quality) and actionable information to stakeholders. Companies such as WaterSmart are providing utilities and customers with water use data.

World Water Day Brings a Gush of Initiatives and Investments

On the United Nations' World Water Day on Tuesday, over 150 companies and NGOs announced new initiatives towards enhancing water quality, conservation and management at the White House Water Summit. WaterSmart Software, in attendance, offers data analytics software to inform customers on water usage and potential leaks. Further, WaterSmart Software announced Tuesday that they are adding eQuality software that lets utilities communicate water quality information to customers. Learn more about the initiatives and investments named this week.

It’s not science fiction: Water tech can keep California golden

California has an opportunity to align its policies with the development and adoption of water technology, such as the next generation of water conservation and recycling goals. The state should recognize that California’s water technology incentives lag far behind incentive programs in the energy field.

Seize the Economic Power of Water

“We need to get the water industry to be known for its innovation rather than its conservatism,” said Water Smart Software CEO Robin Gilthorpe.

Wasting Water is Like Sending Pennies Down the Drain

But the problem goes way beyond California, of course. Water scarcity, climate change and infrastructure requirements are driving up water prices throughout the United States. Using electricity requires lots of water.