FPUD Approves Second Phase of Meter Upgrades

Brian Brady, FPUD General Manager, recently discussed Fallbrook's five-year program to replace all automatic meter reading equipment with advanced metering infrastructure. In tandem with its AMI launch, Fallbrook is working with WaterSmart Software to provide the district with alerts of leaks, high usage, and will also provide for management and enforcement of use limit violations. He noted the WaterSmart customer portal provides customers with a web and mobile portal, real-time usage data, GPD usage information, personalized water scores, personalized water-saving actions, neighborhood comparisons, seasonal usage data, annual end use, historical trends, historical user actions, and alerts.

FPUD approves contract with WaterSmart Software

On Feb. 22, FPUD’s board voted 5-0 to authorize FPUD general manager Brian Brady to enter into a three-year professional services agreement with WaterSmart Software, Inc.