Meter to Cash: Turning Water into Dollars

Meter to Cash is the process to reliably measure water consumption, generate an accurate bill, and collect revenues from customers for water services

The Utility Built For A Millennial

As millennials become the largest living adult generation, utilities must understand how they think and what they expect from customer service, particularly as they face critical infrastructure investments which often necessitate publicly approved rate increases.

First Bill Explainer System For Water Customers Announced By WaterSmart Software

Bill Explainer leverages artificial intelligence to find patterns of water consumption that can lead to high bills.

Defining Total Customer Engagement

By leveraging an omni-channel, multi-modal Total Customer Engagement platform that provides for push and pull data flows, automated and semi-automated messaging capabilities, and self-service resolution workflows, water utilities will be best situated to take advantage of the many benefits that accrue from higher levels of customer engagement, lower customer service costs, and improved customer satisfaction levels.

How Water Utilities Can Get Customers To Change Behavior

Social norms are a powerful tool for water utilities that want to persuade consumers to change their behavior. The first substantial research that emerged from the water world on this front resulted from a June 2012 to June 2013 pilot project between 10,000 customers of East Bay Municipal Utilities District in the San Francisco Bay Area and WaterSmart Software. WaterSmart Software sends Home Water Reports, which tell customers how much water they’re using, how it compares to their own past use, as well as how much water similar households and similar efficient households are using. The reports also provide information on how to increase water efficiency, available rebates or other messaging from utilities, proving to be an effective technique for water utilities.

The Future Is Here — Just Add Utility

Water utilities are responsible for one thing above all: supplying safe drinking water to their populations on a daily basis. In light of the recent public health crisis in Flint, MI, utilities have never been under more pressure from the public to perform this service. This article addresses strategies, management approaches, and new technologies water utilities must be prioritizing in order to innovate and evolve to meet future generations’ water needs.

Working With Customers To Reduce Water Usage During California Drought

This article explores how California’s utilities are encouraging customers to reduce water use and achieve state mandated reduction goals. California American Water implemented an aggressive drought communications plan, partnering with WaterSmart Software, to encourage its customers to reduce water use during the drought by helping them understand how they use water and where they can reduce water use. Read on for the further details of the tactics and results to date.

AMI Hits Utah City With New Headaches

Jason Christensen, the city’s water resources manager, explained why the software has helped. “Initially we wanted to develop our own customer portal to push data to them but then we took a look at WaterSmart, and the fact you could automate leak notifications was a big saver for us.”

Why Every Utility Should Promote Conservation

At first glance, promoting conservation would seem like a poor financial decision for utilities to make. Less water use equals less money right?