With more than 4 million meters under management across over 120 water utility partners, WaterSmart has unprecedented access to benchmark analytic data unavailable anywhere else in the water utility sector. With striking regularity, water utility managers request information on how their utility performs across a variety of operational, financial, and customer service dimensions compared with other suppliers. In response to this demand, WaterSmart created a powerful new information benchmarking solution.

what you get

Real-time insights into organizational performance over time and a comparative, normalized score on key operational, financial, and customer engagement dimensions compared with all WaterSmart utility partners.

Key management benefits include:

  • Goal setting
  • Objectives management
  • Performance validation and tracking
  • Board and regulatory agency reporting

track goals and report results

By anonymously aggregating key performance data, water managers now have access to an easy-to-understand performance score. This distinctive benchmarking solution offers normalized results and detailed roll-up summaries across important indicators including:

    • Meter Data Quality
    • Payment Performance
    • Revenue Stability
    • Ebilling Adoption
    • Digital Transformation

Benchmark Modules

meter data quality

Identify the percent of suspect meter reads over a given period and compare against standard industry trends for an absolute performance ranking. Analysis detail allows operations staff to prioritize replacement programs and address apparent losses from meter data anomalies.

payment performance

Identify frequency and amount of payment delinquencies and visualize relative score compared with industry averages. Prioritize revenue collection activities through targeted outreach supported by the WaterSmart engagement platform.

revenue stability

Understand the rate of revenue stability and variances due to changes in seasonal usage from end-use customers. Better identify possible billing calculation and tabulation errors in real-time before cash flow from operations reaches levels of critical concern.

Ebilling adoption

Track the rate at which customers convert to low-cost paperless billing, including estimates of cost savings and trending forecasts. Identify adoption plateaus and develop targeted strategies for engaging more end-users in this satisfaction-lifting capability.

digital transformation

Capturing digital contact information from end-use customers is the first step to driving down communication costs. By tracking the rate of customer email and mobile text data acquisition, utilities can set targets and measure savings from ongoing outreach efforts.

Water Efficiency

As population continues to grow and extreme weather events such as storms and droughts continue to occur, utilities must maintain an attention to demand management. Insights into the gallons per capita per day (GPCD) water consumption for different areas of a utilities service area will help to prioritize targeted conservation messaging, as necessary.

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