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Start reducing costs and protecting revenue while improving customer satisfaction.

Alerts & Notifications

Utility end-users get peace-of-mind and control with leak alerts and My Use Notifications
  • Advanced leak alert algorithm detects and alerts customers about potential leaks in their home and helps them identify the source of the leak using the Customer Portal
  • My Use Notifications notify customers when their water use is higher than normal, helping them avoid billing surprises
  • Customers can set their My Use Notification to trigger between 1X and 5X of normal use
  • Alerts and notifications are available on an opt-in basis
  • Customers can choose to receive alerts and notifications by email, text, and voice
  • Alerts and notifications are available regardless of meter type (AMI, AMR, manual read)


Utility customers access the Portal for more detailed analysis of their water use and money-saving recommendations
  • See exactly where water use occurs in the home or business
  • Interactive money-saving recommendation library, customized for each meter-class profile
  • Personalized action plan of pledged savings
  • Dynamic estimates of savings potential in gallons per day (GPD) and dollars per year
  • Long-term trend tracking
  • Highlighted local programs, events, and reminders
customer portal


utility ANALYTICS dashboard

Utility staff access visually insightful analytics, reporting, and customer relationship tools through an easy-to-use interface
  • Program performance reporting
  • Customer segmentation and geospatial analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities
  • Rebate program participation metrics
  • Group Messenger module for mass customized outreach
  • Manual read, AMR & AMI compatible
  • Reduced staff time

A multitude of benefits at your fingertips
Real-time leak alerts
Consumption trends
Water-use disaggregation
Customized savings recommendations
Household water use comparisons
Targeted customer communications
Data analytics tools
Quick and painless integration
Superior customer service from WaterSmart
Electronic payments