April 01, 2015

CA State Water Restrictions Put Spotlight on New Technologies

San Francisco, Calif. – Governor Jerry Brown today issued a historic executive order calling for statewide mandatory water restrictions. Among the various mandates, Brown directed water managers to “accelerate the use of cutting edge technologies” aimed at driving water conservation. WaterSmart Software, the leading water efficiency and customer engagement platform for utilities, commented today on California Governor Brown’s proclamation.

Robin Gilthorpe, CEO of WaterSmart, said in a statement:

“Governor Brown’s announcement today underscores the importance of new technologies in fighting the on-going drought here in California. Investments in water-use monitoring software can provide water suppliers and end-use customers with valuable insights on where the greatest opportunities for savings are, as well as the most effective tools to realize those savings.”

When assessing new technologies, it is important that water suppliers consider the following questions:

  • Is the technology proven to be effective through independent analysis?
  • Does the technology generate accurate data on changes in water use to enable measurement of program effectiveness?
  • Can the technology leverage existing data collection efforts and provide more actionable insights for water managers?

WaterSmart offers a drought compliance tool-kit and solution package to help water utilities begin saving water within a matter of months. WaterSmart has partnerships with 38 water utilities throughout North America and monitors the water use of over 2 million households. The company recently announced a milestone of more than 1 billion gallons of water saved.

About WaterSmart Software

WaterSmart Software provides intelligence beyond the meter to make the lives of water utility managers easier. Water providers using WaterSmart’s cloud-based, customer self-service and engagement platform have been proven to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction by more than 25%. WaterSmart is a winner of the globally coveted World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers Award for their potential to “significantly impact business and society through the design, development and implementation of new technologies and innovation.” Come help us change the way the world uses water. 


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