June 06, 2016

City of Shoreview Partners with WaterSmart to Launch Water Analytics and Engagement Program

SHOREVIEW, MN., June 7, 2016 – The City of Shoreview has partnered with technology company WaterSmart Software to provide residents with an easy-to-use online and mobile Customer Portal. Residents will now be able to access individualized water consumption reports, receive timely utility communications, and water-saving recommendations specific to their household. Additionally, the City of Shoreview will be able to use WaterSmart’s Utility Analytics Dashboard to gain access to data insights to help the utility manage their water more efficiently.

Water is an important part of Minnesota’s identity and Shoreview is known for its quality water resources. The City has a proud history of environmental stewardship that allows current and future residents to enjoy the benefits of our natural resources. Shoreview has been a leader in water conservation efforts and continues to build on those efforts by offering residents this unique opportunity.

The WaterSmart Program is the only software analytics platform proven to alter people’s behavior through household water use comparisons, leak alerts, data analytics and targeted communications.

“Shoreview prides itself on finding new ways to help our customers be more sustainable. Innovative technologies like WaterSmart allows us to better communicate to our customers in a personalized way that informs people’s water use decisions,” says Mark Maloney, Public Works Director for Shoreview. “We’re excited to work with WaterSmart because they can help our residents better understand their water consumption and take action. We evaluated many other avenues to provide similar resources to our customers, including building the platform internally, but after a thorough review of our options, WaterSmart was the best solution out there to help Shoreview save water and money.”

Two months after receiving unanimous approval from the Shoreview City Council in late April, the City recently launched the WaterSmart program to approximately 400 pre-registered ‘Know Your Flow’ participants. The ‘Know Your Flow’ program was made available by a grant awarded by the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. The first phase of the program provides the ‘Know Your Flow’ participants access to the Customer Portal in which residents can see their use, get leak notifications with instructions and video to find and fix the issue, and utility specific communications. The City will deploy the program, both the Customer Portal and print or email Water Reports, citywide in late summer, 2016.

“We are thrilled to partner with the City of Shoreview to launch WaterSmart,” Robin Gilthorpe, CEO of WaterSmart. “WaterSmart has helped utilities throughout the nation tackle the toughest water challenges. We anticipate Shoreview achieving the same impressive results and expect other Twin Cities utilities to follow Shoreview’s leadership.”

Neva Widner
Natural Resource Specialist
City of Shoreview
(651) 490-4665

About WaterSmart Software

WaterSmart Software provides intelligence beyond the meter to make the lives of water utility managers easier. Water providers using WaterSmart’s cloud-based, customer self-service and engagement platform have been proven to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction by more than 25%. WaterSmart is a winner of the globally coveted World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers Award for their potential to “significantly impact business and society through the design, development and implementation of new technologies and innovation.” Come help us change the way the world uses water. 


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