May 19, 2016

A New, Customized Tool for Saving Water is Coming Down the Pike

The Long Beach Water Department will partner with tech company WaterSmart Software to provide custom water-saving tips, it announced this week.

WaterSmart, which already is in use in cities across the country, provides quarterly water usage reports that highlight rebate programs and recommends customized water-saving measures. The report also compares the customer’s water use with that of similar households.

“Long Beach prides itself on finding innovative ways to help our customers save water. We found that using new technologies like WaterSmart to engage our customers is critical in meeting water use efficiency goals and reducing operational costs,” Matthew Lyons, director of planning and conservation for the Long Beach Water Department, said in a release. “We’re excited to work with WaterSmart to help our residents better understand their water consumption, take action and save water and money.”

The department is now piloting the program with about 36,000 single-family residential customers. Kaylee Weatherly, Long Beach Water Department spokesman, said the one-year pilot program will cost $99,500, which includes a set-up fee, quarterly home reports, a web dashboard for department employees, and a report of its effectiveness, at the end of the pilot period.

“This pilot program (will) build upon the already extraordinary conservation efforts Long Beach residents have demonstrated,” Weatherly said. “The program is intended to provide residents individualized information to enhance their successful savings.”

While key reservoirs in Shasta and Oroville are now more than 90% full, according to the State Water Resources Board, the shortage is far from over — nearly all areas of California are still living in drought conditions.

“Faced with the huge uncertainties regarding California’s drought and water supplies, improved water efficiency is more important than ever,” Robin Gilthorpe, CEO of WaterSmart, said in a release. “WaterSmart has helped utilities throughout California increase customer satisfaction while improving water use efficiency. We look forward to helping Long Beach achieve similarly impressive results.”

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