October 09, 2014

WaterSmart Software Announces Ten New Utility Customers

Las Vegas, NV – At the WaterSmart Innovations conference in Las Vegas today, WaterSmart Software, the leading customer engagement and data analytics solution provider that helps utilities and their customers save money and water, announced ten new municipal customers for its Home Water Report and Utility Analytics products, bringing the total count of customers up to 29.

During a time when, according to the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, 100 percent of the State of California is officially in a drought and more than 58 percent is listed as in exceptional drought, these proactive municipalities and WaterSmart Software are leading the country in tackling the water crisis.

Since WaterSmart’s inception in 2009, the company has helped save over 600 million gallons of water and has engaged over 1 million homes to conserve water. WaterSmart’s behavioral water efficiency solution uses normative social comparisons to encourage residents to use less water. Residents receive Home Water Reports that contain information regarding how their water use compares to homes with similar attributes (e.g. landscaped area, household size) in the same city or area. The reports also include targeted recommendations on how households can improve water-use efficiency. At the same time, municipalities receive extensive water use analytics that allow them to more efficiently manage scarce water supplies while reducing operating and capital costs.

“With the addition of these ten new utility partners, WaterSmart has cemented its position as the leading global provider of water efficiency software solutions,” said Robin Gilthorpe, CEO of WaterSmart Software. “However, this is still just a drop in the ocean. There remains much more work to do as we continue to tackle the challenges of water efficiency, customer engagement, and improved financial management across the water industry.”

WaterSmart’s new customers include:

  • Alameda County Water District
  • Contra Costa Water District
  • Glendale Water & Power
  • Huntington Beach, CA
  • Morgan Hill, CA
  • Mountain View, CA
  • Oakdale, CA
  • Santa Monica, CA
  • Yuba City, CA
  • Brighton, CO

WaterSmart’s technology has been proven in an independent study by the California Water Foundation to triple customer engagement while reducing residential water demand by as much as 5% per year. The company works with municipal and investor-owned utilities across the United States.

About WaterSmart Software

WaterSmart Software provides intelligence beyond the meter to make the lives of water utility managers easier. Water providers using WaterSmart’s cloud-based, customer self-service and engagement platform have been proven to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction by more than 25%. WaterSmart is a winner of the globally coveted World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers Award for their potential to “significantly impact business and society through the design, development and implementation of new technologies and innovation.” Come help us change the way the world uses water. 


Ali Barsamian, WaterSmart Software – (415-366-8622 x 819): abarsamian@watersmart.com