Lower costs to serve customers through proactive engagement solutions and automated communications.
WaterSmart Software
El Paso Water, TX
Proactive and automated communications are well established to both reduce support costs and improve customer satisfaction
Leading water utilities are deploying WaterSmart


a self-service future

Customer support is a growing cost center for most utilities so reducing call volumes and improving resolution times is always important. By deploying modern engagement solutions that proactively reach customers at key moments in the service provider relationship, utilities can now offer self-service solutions for leaks, payments, field service requests, and many other common customer concerns. By empowering the customer with tools and information, utilities can lower the time and cost burden on staff, freeing up resources for other, high value activities while simultaneously making customers happier.

managing water demand

We all understand that water demand, and utility revenues, are highly variable. By improving demand management through WaterSmart’s proven customer engagement platform, water utilities are able to reduce consumption variability and improve the visibility of future demand and revenues. Also, avoided costs for marginal water supplies, pumping energy, and treatment chemicals help manage the bottom line and free up operating capital for priority projects.