WaterSmart helps utilities automate processes and provides self-service solutions for the most common customer issues.
WaterSmart Software
Town of Natick, MA
Prior to WaterSmart, I had to go through our entire list of meters every single month and try to identify leaks myself. Now we are able to do it all online, saving me time and stress.

Put your feet up and worry less!

automate processes

Leaks can be detected through the laborious analysis of customer water usage data and identifying irregular use patterns. Many utilities create internal processes for doing this analysis and alerting customers to possible leaks. While these processes provide an opportunity for utility staff to engage their customers, the methods are often manual, time intensive, and challenging to track and manage. WaterSmart’s automated leak detection, alerting and resolution has been proven to save staff approximately 10 hours per week. Utilities can set the leak detection parameters that suit their needs for both AMI and non-AMI customers.

Reduce the burden on customer support

The number one reason customers call in to their utility to complain is in regards to perceived high bills. Despite recognition by utilities of the need to reduce call escalations, lower call volumes, and improve the overall customer service experience, nearly 40% of utilities rarely or never utilize self-service tools. WaterSmart creates a single place for customers to both view and pay their bill in addition to investigate the likely causes of their bill surprise. Providing customers with automated, easy-to-understand explanations of their individual water use is the best practice to reducing time spent on the phone answering repetitive questions and improving customer satisfaction.