The purpose of this Service Level Agreement (SLA) is to define performance levels (the “Service Levels”) for the provision of the Services. WaterSmart shall maintain the Service Levels specified below. If WaterSmart fails to meet any of the Service Levels set forth in this SLA, WaterSmart shall:

  1. Promptly investigate and report on the causes of the problem;
  2. Use reasonable efforts to correct the problem and meet the applicable Service Levels as soon as practicable; and
  3. Provide Utility reasonable evidence that the causes of such problem have been cured or shall be cured within a reasonable time period, to the extent requested by Utility.

Service Levels

  1. Service Availability – WaterSmart Interface Availability

The Customer Portal and Utility Dashboard will be available to Utility and its customers not less than 99% of each calendar month. The Customer Portal and Utility Dashboard will be considered unavailable if the Utility staff or end user is unable to log in or gain access to the Portal or Dashboard with valid credentials, and shall not include unavailability caused by Scheduled Downtime, user error or issues beyond WaterSmart’s reasonable control.

WaterSmart reserves the right to conduct scheduled maintenance, which will (i) be announced to Utility at least 72 hours in advance and (ii) will occur outside of the hours of 5AM to 6PM Monday through Friday, US/Pacific Time (“Scheduled Downtime”), unless in the event of an emergency when notice shall be provided as soon as possible.

For the past five years, WaterSmart has maintained availability of greater than 99% even with scheduled maintenance.

  1. Customer & Technical Support

WaterSmart’s Customer Success team is available to provide routine customer and technical support during the following “Business Hours”:

  • Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time, with the exception of Federal Holidays.

Utility may contact WaterSmart by sending an email to utilitysupport@watersmart.com, using the Intercom feature of the Utility Analytics Dashboard, or by directly contacting their assigned Customer Success Manager.

WaterSmart shall address issues that arise based on the following designation:

Table 1: Customer & Technical Support Severity Designations

Priority Priority Description Notification & Response Time
Outage A significant, unplanned event that will interrupt business operations more than 3 regular business hours. Investigation: Immediate.

Notification: As soon as possible, within one business day or sooner.

Resolution: Within one business day.

Urgent An error that results in a significant element of the Services being substantially non-functional or inoperative. Investigation: Immediate.

Notification: As soon as possible, within one business day or sooner.

Resolution: Within three business days.

Important An error that results in the Services operating or performing other than as represented in the Scope of Work or as planned, but which does not have a material adverse impact on the performance of the Services; or other suggestions of improvements. Investigation: Within one business day.

Notification: N/A

Resolution: As scheduled by the response team, if necessary.

Ongoing Technical Support Response and Support Parameters:

WaterSmart maintains internal escalation and notification procedures to ensure that timely responses and feedback are provided for all open support requests.