December 18, 2014

William Holleran

Will works directly with the data from all clients, providing updates on the effectiveness of each program on a variety of metrics including water savings and customer satisfaction. He also designs and implements experiments to evaluate improvements to the product. WaterSmart works directly with academics at leading research institutions, and Will manages those relationships to facilitate breakthroughs in how we understand the ways people/companies use water, and what levers are most effective in encouraging water conservation.

Will is an econometrician at heart. He spent 4 years as an energy consultant, evaluating all types of energy efficiency programs. He specialized in behavioral modification, demand response and home energy audit program evaluations. He applies the skills learned from those evaluations to provide insight on how WaterSmart can improve the program and how best to design the internal M&V procedures.

Will earned a B.S. in Economics and Math from Bucknell University and a MS in Applied Econometrics from UC Santa Cruz. Will enjoys running, climbing, backpacking, skiing, or most anything that gets him outdoors.